Digital Equipment Controller

By providing two programmable outputs, our “Digital Equipment Controller” (DEC) series offers a wide range of possibilities for controlling a variety of equipment including forestry, construction and industrial equipment. The analog input DEC models provide a standard tachometer RPM display as well as hour meter and voltage readouts by simply pushing the program buttons.

The CANbus J1939 DEC model can read engine parameters directly from the engine’s ECM, while at the same time controlling the equipment’s run rate. Operating on either 12 or 24 VDC, these units can fit into most applications. The combination of a custom connection harness and an easy to use Mil-Spec connector allows an operator to be set up and running within minutes. Available in three models: DEC-12V & DEC-24V (Analog) / DEC-J1939 (CANbus).


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Engine compatibility
Gas or diesel with a tachometer signal pulse; From 1-255 pulses per revolution

Tachometer range
0 to 9999 revolutions per minute

Tachometer accuracy
Within plus or minus 10 revolutions

Display readout type
Four fully active LCD digits

Character height
Approximately 1/4”-1/2”

Water resistant
IP-68 (30 minute submersion at 1m with no leaks)

Input voltage
9 to 30 VDC

Two solid state for DEC-12V & DEC-24V Two mosfet outputs for DEC-J1939

7-pin cannon barrel type for DEC- J1939; 5-pin cannon barrel type for DEC-12V & DEC-24V (custom har- nesses available)

Operating temperature range
-10° to +80° C (14 to +176° F)

Storage temperature range
-55°to +82° C (167 to +180° F)

Housing construction
Passivated aluminum, non-magnetic

Face plate

Humidity vent

Black anodized aluminum

Mounting bracket

Trim ring
Plastic (Optional feature)

Features and Functions

  • Two programmable outputs
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy-to-use push button switches
  • Rugged Aluminum housing

The model DEC-J1939 also has the ability to monitor J1939 traffic. This unit allows all of the functionality of the standard DEC with the additional ability to display engine parameters such as:

  • Water temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Fuel rate
  • Percent load
  • Boost pressure
  • True engine hours
  • All active engine faults